Top 5 Spring Jackets

As we move on from the chilly winter months and the sun finally begins to shine, it’s time to ditch those hats and scarves and start dressing a little less like were preparing to climb Mount Snowdon.

 The perfect transitional jacket needs to be both stylish and practical, however this can be pretty difficult when our typical British weather is so unpredictable.

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If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect garment for you then look no further. The following short list of transitional jackets are all versatile and are sure to suit a variety of different lifestyles and occasions.

 The Leather Jacket

 Leather is a classic and extremely versatile look. Whether your dressing down or looking for something a little more formal, the right leather jacket can suit any occasion.

 If you prefer a more traditional styled jacket, leather is the one for you. Leather jackets are simply timeless. Leather only gets better with age, the more you wear your jacket the more comfortable it becomes – moulding to the shape of your body with each wear.

jared leto leather jackets fashion blog us Top 5 Spring Jackets

 The Varsity Jacket

 This American classic is a lightweight and highly versatile jacket. Soft lined and extremely comfortable, the varsity jacket is perfect for the spring months.

 Put the association with high school jocks out of your mind for a second, because varsity jackets are a lot more than that.

The Gant Rugger Chambray Varsity maintains the classic varsity shape but tones it down with a careful choice of fabric.

 You can avoid dressing age inappropriately by teaming your varsity jacket with formal wear – the contrast of smart and casual is perfect for that preppy look. Be sure to keep detailing to a minimum, you don’t need the tasteless lettering to stand out. If you want something a little different opt for different textures or perhaps go for leather sleeves.

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jackets fashion blog Top 5 Spring Jackets

 The Mac

 The mac or trench coat is a classically stylish piece that has remained a mainstay in mens fashion for decades.  The trench coat is a highly transitional piece, however due to it’s light colouring (usually beige or tan) it always seems to work so much better with team with a spring wardrobe. Britain is well known for it’s erratic ever changing weather, the mac is a lightweight option offering warmth from those cool spring breezes and protection against any freak down pours.

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 The Over Shirt

 Over shirts are great for the transitional period from winter to spring. What you may have worn under cable knits and pullovers in the winter can now be worn over casual T Shirts in the spring. What a great way to recycle your winter wardrobe!

 The overshirt is the ultimate casual jacket so this may not be a formal kind of guys first choice. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed with the practicalities of a coat then it’s certainly something to consider.

jackets fashion blog us Top 5 Spring Jackets

 The Denim Jacket

 Denim jackets aren’t every mans cup of tea, however when worn correctly they can look extremely fashionable. A stone washed vintage denim can create the perfect casual cool look and if your looking for a jacket with a bit more bulk to it then you can get hold of some amazing denim shearlings.

 Generally you can get your hands on a decent denim jacket for under £60, so if your looking for something a little more affordable – denim is always a good choice. There are also some great vintage denims out there so if your into seconds hand bargains then it’s worth taking a trip to your local vintage shop.

fashion blog us denim jacjet men style Top 5 Spring Jackets

denim jackets fashion blog us Top 5 Spring Jackets

 Top 5 Spring Jackets