Eye Makeup For Summer 2014

Summer is here and that has nearly everyone ecstatic about being able to go out and about without having to run inside for Spring rains or cold weather. But Spring and Summer also unfortunately come with allergies and other problems to deal with. Thankfully, though, finding the perfect eye makeup for  2014 does not have to be one of those problems. Try one of the following hot new items this year.

All Natural Mascara

Women are turning more and more toward environmentally friendly, all natural products for just about everything in life, including makeup. So, why not try some all natural mascara. The key is to finding some that actually works well, too. That’s why we suggest Neal’s Yard Remedies Lengthening Mascara. It is the brand’s first venture into the all natural, but the result is totally worth it. Check out their list of all natural ingredients and then try it for about $25 to see how well those ingredients really do work.

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MAC’s 15-Shade Palette

MAC already has a collection of  4-shade palette colors. These collections are adored by many for their ease of use, their expertly coordinated shades that take some of the guess work out of creating the perfect shadow combination. Even though some of the shades may have been put together in unexpected combinations, they are trusted combos.

Now, that trust can be a step further with the brand’s new 15-shade eye shadow palette. The collection comes in two different palette color combinations of either warm or cool colors. The nearly endless possibilities for color combinations might just make it worth the $100 price tag.

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Covergirl and Olay Eye Rehab Concealer

Beauty product company staples Covergirl and Olay have been joined together in this new product. Together, they work to act as both a concealer and a color corrector for that delicate and hard to treat eye area. Get rid of those dark circles under the eyes while restoring skin’s natural glow around the eyes. It comes in five different shades that range from fair to medium.

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  Eye Makeup For Summer 2014