Wuyong – Dancing In A Haute Couture Debut

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wuyong dancing in a haute couture debut Wuyong   Dancing In A Haute Couture DebutThe conceptual brand Wuyong was exhibited on July 3rd, 2008, in a very unusual and original way- not as a couture debut, but rather more like a theatrical performance. The brand is created by a promising Chinese designer, Ma Ke. Palais Royal Gardens in Paris was where she chose to put on display all she wanted to convey with her exhibition.

Ma Ke was first known by the success of her “Exception of Mixmind” label, which is sold in around 50 boutiques across China. She launched her couture line “Wuyong”, which means “useless” in Chinese, in 2006. Make the useless into the useful – that was the statement of Ma Ke’s exhibition staged on the green alleys of the Parisian gardens. She found paradoxical solutions by playing on contradiction between modern Paris and rural China. This effect was created by the models’ functional looking garb, inspired by a chain of ancestral peasant attire straight from a Chinese village. In Luxury in Asia, the debut’s description reads like poetry:

The line went from boxes of cotton seed, to weavers and dyers, with people actually spinning and working looms, and on and on until the final product, modeled by a group “dancers” more like choreographic performance than a fashion show before departing in a single file.

The exhibition was titled “Luxurious Qing Pin”, which explains an immaterial statement of ancestral spirit. Models were dancing using Tai Chi styling. Tai Chi, an ancient Taoist religion still alive in some regions of China, is perceived as an art of movements. The belief is that by moving the body in monotone and slow rhythms, you can get rid of negative energy and achieve a meditative mental state. Ma Ke’s two brands “exception” and “wuyong ” (“non use”) carry special meaning to Chinese Taoists. DanMex reports:

In Ma Ke’s words, “Exception” is her first child, “Wuyong” is her second child. “Wuyong” will not appear in the domestic market for a short time. In general understanding, ‘Exception’ represents garment, while “Wuyong” is a work of art.

The exhibition soundtrack was a wailing voice of a Mongolian singer, accompanied with water flow from time to time, adding to the whole couture debut a mysterious and attractive aura, bringing it closer to nature, closer to “Wuyong”.

“I do this work, because I know that the Earth is the beginning and will be the end for people. I would simply present my ideas. For me to create these cloths is just a painting. Forms, colors, materials together, like a painting or a sculpture, but not fashion,” said Ma Ke during her exhibition.

Enjoy the video from Ma Ke’s latest show exhibiting Wuyong in Paris.

 Wuyong   Dancing In A Haute Couture Debut
  • Sam Wilkinson

    I practive both Tai-Chi and meditation on my spare time. It is really good for general health.

  • Tilly Holmes

    i would also like to learn Tai-Chi but there seems to be no practitioner in our area