Louis Vuitton Doesn’t Ignore Mens Fashion

Fashion icon Louis Vuitton has opened his arms wide to welcome a fresh, new clientele of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, and targeting fashion accessories that are sought by both female and male consumers alike. He has expanded his classic offerings to include many highly desirable Mens Fashion necessities, including leather accessories and sunglasses.

Louis Vuitton Doesnt Ignore Mens Fashion Louis Vuitton Doesn’t Ignore Mens Fashion Designer sunglasses are fast becoming more than an accessory, but rather a fashion necessity among the young and glamorous; Louis Vuitton did not ignore this fashion trend, but rather embraced it- offering almost 70 styles of sunglasses to shoppers. The designer’s retail site, www.louisvuitton.com, provides ample options to those seeking summer style. The average cost per pair is about $500, and they have fast become the eyewear choice of musical greats, including R&B artists such as Rhianna, Sean “P.Diddy”Combs, L’il Wayne, and Ludacris.

Louis Vuitton Doesnt Ignore Mens Fashion1 Louis Vuitton Doesn’t Ignore Mens Fashion A popular choice of Designer sunglasses is the LV “Evidence”, an aviator style frame that is gaining momentum by the increased visibility among the elite crowd wearing these iconic glasses.

Louis Vuitton Doesn2t Ignore Mens Fashion Louis Vuitton Doesn’t Ignore Mens Fashion Louis doesn’t overlook Mens fashion, offering a predominantly male line of “carry-all’s” including briefcases, messengers, briefcases, and travel bags. Actor and husband of songbird Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon carries a hip-length LV messenger bag frequently in paparazzi-captured photos. This bag is versatile and made with utility in mind- tailored simply with the sophistication only a Louis exudes. Laptop covers, cell phone sleeves, and passport pouches are among items marketed toward the male consumer base. The distinctive LV monogrammed leather design is reinvented to focus on Mens Fashion items and must-haves emerging this fashion season.

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 Louis Vuitton Doesn’t Ignore Mens Fashion